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ONLINE One Shot Lash Lift Certification
ONLINE One Shot Lash Lift Certification
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ONLINE One Shot Lash Lift Certification

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Trainer: Magdalena Nellen- Certified Elleebana Trainer- Trainer # TR16 400

We reserve the right to withhold your certificate until competency has been achieved.

Must be a licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, or in the event this service is not regulated in your state, proof of liability coverage. It is up to you to research your state's regulations on Lash Lifting and/or tinting.

Online training is available as an alternative to a hands on course, ONLY if the following conditions are met
  • There are no booked training dates in your region for 4 weeks
  • Fall outside of the allotted radius of an established trainer’s region (118 miles.)
  • Or a certain set of circumstances that prevent you from attending a physical training date in that region.
Please be sure to contact us PRIOR to purchasing this course in order to verify this information.


You will have TWO live sessions with your online trainer. (Reserve about an hour or each session)
You will have access to the NEW Elleebana Online Academy Dashboard to assist you as you cover all of the information from your manual and MORE!

Once verified and purchased, your course materials will be shipped to you. You will receive an email from the Elleebana Academy with your login information to gain access to the online course.  We will set up a time for us to chat LIVE on zoom/Skype to go through the online learning modules together and discuss how to proceed with your certification once you get through all the material in the online course.  

Once you have done your case studies, we will meet again over Zoom/Skype for an assessment of your work and to complete your criteria checklist.



• Science of lash lifting, active ingredients, and the ingredient trends we are seeing
• Exposure to the various adhesives available
• Storage guidance and tips
• Eye and Eyelash anatomy and structure
• Business, room set up and cleanliness
• Client/technician wellbeing and self-care
 Comprehensive procedure knowledge on the Elleebana method and detailed instructions on mastering the technique of Lash Lift
• Health, safety and sanitation – for your clients and for yourself
• Pre-procedure preparations and contra-indications
• Product information and usage and storage guides for the products
• Consultation, reactions and the importance of indemnity and legal requirements such as insurance
 Patch testing and mastering the art of eyelash tinting

• Eye shapes and face considerations and key tips to craft the perfect lift for your client
• Cost of treatment and income potential
• Elleebana facial Acupressure for a new approach to client treatments
• Frequently asked questions
• Reversed and relaxed treatments as well as lower lash care
• Home care advise and recommended aftercare
• Taking a good before and after images
• Frequently asked questions and trainers tips/important notes
• Case Study submissions explained
• Competitions for building your business
• Criteria Checklist form

 A non-refundable booking fee applies and is included in the above mentioned price and full payment is required per student to secure your position at a class. 



A student’s lash lifting kit valued at $175 with a minimum of 15 applications. You also receive a pack of eye pads, a pack of micro brushes, Elleeplex after care, an isolator tool, instructional copyrighted manual, criteria checklist, student’s exam, access to promotional flyers file, promotional images and a posters for printing and a certificate upon submission of a minimum of 5 before and after images that are successful.

Course Upgrade:

For an ADDITIONAL $165 add our Elleeplex Pro Fusion Starter Tint Kit

Tint Kit Includes:

  • Elleeplex Black

  • Elleeplex Blue Black

  • Elleeplex Deep Brown

  • Elleeplex Light Brown

  • Paper Eye Shields

  •  Elleebana Make-Up Remover 

  • Ellee Shield

  •  Elleeplex Pro Fusion Oxydant

  •  2in1 Mixing Dish   

  • Application Brush 


You will have to submit 5 model case studies in order to receive your certification. Each model must meet requirements and if not be prepared to work on more models.


We offer this course with over 25 years’ experience offering lash and brow services. The Elleebana lash lift treatment is one of the fastest on the market and so if you have previously trained with another brand you might find some similarities between the treatment but we ask that you are willing to re-learn what you might know as our comprehensive Lash Lifting Evolved 2020 Class is assured to offer more understanding of lash lifting treatments than ever before. We don’t leave you to your own devices and guide you through your treatment carefully perfecting your techniques and understanding of the treatment – you are welcome to call and contact us after your day of training with any questions that you might have, feedback of any kind and the correspondence continues as you submit your before and after images for assessment.


1. A non-refundable booking fee applies for each individual cancellation. Full payment is required to secure a student’s position at a course.

2. We reserve the right to withhold issuing of a certificate until competency has been achieved.

 3. Poor Eyesight: If you have poor eyesight, please ensure you bring with you to the class your spectacles or magnifying glasses to ensure your sight does not suffer during this class. The nature of the treatment requires attention to micro detail.


1. $200 non-refundable Booking Fee applies for each individual cancellation or no show
2. Full payment is required to secure a student’s position at a course
3. We reserve the right to withhold issuing of a certificate until competency has been achieved
4. We request that if you are feeling unwell or have COVID19 symptoms to speak with your Booking Agent and reschedule your training.

**Price is subject to change

Elleeplex Profusion Mini Tint kit Upgrade available.